Lesson 2 - Consume: Want vs. Need

All consumption falls within a continuum between needs and wants. Needs are those things that are critical for survival. Wants are not critical, though they may have personal importance. Examples of needs are: food, clothes, and housing. Examples of wants are: jewelry, vacations, and fancy coffee.

Note that there are some things that fall within a gray area between needs and wants. In these cases, it is a matter of individual values and priorities. The standard advice from financial gurus, for example, is to forego cable and rely on internet streaming. This is a gray area, for it is possible that a person needs bland television programs for relaxation. So, keep in mind that there are tradeoffs for everything and do be honest with yourself about needs and wants.


want -

Have a desire to have or do (something)..

need -

Require (something) because it is a must-have.

Suggestions and Resources:

1. Walk around your house or go to the store, and identify things that are wants and needs to your family.

2. Download the resources below. Cut out the pictures of needs and wants, and have your child decide what pictures go into what category.