Lesson 3 - Why Should I Save?

Consuming is necessary because survival requires certain resources—food, water, and shelter to name a few. Often, there is an inclination to consume everything. This inclination ought to be suppressed whenver possible. It is common to believe that the same quantity of resources will be available in the future as it was in the past. Saving a resource, as opposed to consuming it, allows a person to endure the ups and downs of the economic cycle, and therefore to prosper in life.


Save -

Keep and store up (something, especially money) for future use.

Unexpected -

Catches you by surprise or is different from what you think it's supposed to be.

Suggestions and Resources:

1. Use everyday examples of why you should save. Maybe something around the house broke and you need to buy the supplies to fix it, maybe a Charity is ringing their bells in from of the grocery store or you are planning a big vacation for the family. be specific with your examples of why you save.

2. Share of time you saved when you were younger for something and how it made you feel when you were able use the money you saved up.

3. Download the goal chart below to help your child have a visual reminder of how they are doing their money goals.