Lesson 2: Who Works at a Bank? (Part 1)


When you walk into a branch of Texas Bank and Trust, you will see people working in several different places, but have you ever thought about what they do?

The people behind the tall counter are called tellers. They can help you if you need to put money into the bank, get your money out of the bank, and many other things.

At the desks in the middle of the room are branch service representatives. They help new customers start their checking and savings accounts, and help with any problems that may happen.

There are also lending officers who help with giving loans and a branch manager who makes sure everything in the bank is working properly. The ultimate goal of every Texas Bank and Trust employee is to make sure the customer has a nice experience when they come to the bank.

Did you know there are even more people who work for a bank than what you see in the lobby? Check out Part 2 of this series to see what other jobs are needed to make a bank run smoothly.

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