Lesson 3: Who Works at a Bank? (Part 2)


The employees who work in the bank lobby are just a part of the team needed to make a community bank run smoothly. For example, the technology department makes sure the bank computers are working and bad guys can’t get your information or your money. The T3 Technical Support Team and the TBTmyWay Service Center help customers with banking services and computer support over the phone. The Operations department makes sure everyone’s account balances are right and that money is transferred when the customer asks for it to be moved. The Accounting department makes sure the bank is managing its money correctly. In addition, the Business Development department helps the bank earn new accounts from local business owners and the Executive Management Team makes sure all of the bank departments are providing secure, accurate, responsive, and courteous service to everyone we meet.

The best part about working with a community bank is your banker lives in your town or close by. A community banker could be your neighbor, the parent of your friend, your Sunday school teacher, or a volunteer coach for your favorite sport. They care about the needs in the town because it is their town too.

Next time you deposit money in your Cool Kids Savings Account, be sure to say hi to all the people

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