Lesson 4: Services Banks Offer


While each bank has a different name for their products and services, most of them offer the same basic banking items. Here are just a few of them. Savings Accounts: A savings account, like your Cool Kids Savings Account, is a place where customers can deposit money for safekeeping when it is not needed to pay bills or buy items. Money that is kept in a savings account gains interest each month, which is extra money the bank pays you for keeping your money in the account. Banks use this money to fund loans to people and businesses. Checking Accounts: Money deposited in a checking account can also be stored for safekeeping, just like a savings account, but it also allows customers to pay others by using a paper check, a debit card, or through electronic payments online. When a customer writes a check, the person they give the check to can go to the bank and deposit the money into their own account or ask for cash for the dollar amount listed. Checks and debit cards allow customers to use their money without having to carry a large amount of cash with them all of the time. A third service many banks offer is a banking website or mobile phone app, which allows customers to review their bank statements and transfer money between their checking and savings accounts. Texas Bank and Trust’s mobile app also allows you to deposit checks and make payments to other people electronically.

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